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Imperial Aroma Massage with 4 Hands

Supreme Session of "Aroma Massage" is pampered by 2 therapists using 4 hands at the same time which is in harmony for entire body. Well trained and united 2 masseuses deliberately manipulate massage sequence in order to embrace customer with profound relaxing. Basically, Aroma Massage is a therapeutic massage with essential oils (highly concentrated Herbal and Botanic oils) added to the massage oil. Inhaling essential oils through the nose promotes healing and feeling of well-being and beneficial relaxes in the mind and body. 

"4 Hand Aroma Massage" is firm and gentle and use all kinds of technique in one to release all stress and tension from each parts of body to raise up the level of deep relaxing. It strongly affects to nervous system, immune system, and body functions. Moreover, the mental concerns will be unwinded tenderly in the pleasant moment of session.

Period & Price




1 Hour

2,400 THB

1,990 THB

1.5 Hours

3,100 THB

2,590 THB

2 Hours

4,800 THB

3,290 THB

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