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Professional & Certified Therapists , Deep Relaxing Programs , Peaceful and Private Place

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Spacial Package


Promotion : 1,690 THB (From  2,780 THB)

Authentic Thai Traditional Methods to relieve all stress and tension from toe to head plus Thai Herbal Oil & Herbal Ball technique to enhance deep relaxing and benefit for soothing the pain and tightness. 
Benefits :

  • Deep Relaxing and Relieve All Stress & Tensions 

  • Activate All Body Functions and Rebalancing more...


Promotion : 1,890 THB (From 2,980 THB)

Time for relaxing whole body with Warm Aroma Firmed Massage combining with Acupressure on the Reflective Certain Point on Feet and Body plus Thai Herbal Ball technique to release all tiredness and tensions.
Benefits : 

  • Profound Relaxing with Sensation Experience

  • Stimulate nerve, circulation and whole body systems more...

Series Programs V5 August 2022.jpg

Promotion : 1,990 THB (From 3,390 THB)

Great program for relaxing whole body with Warm Aroma Deep Ralxing Massage and Thai Herbal Ball technique to release all stress and tension
Benefits : 

  • Deeply Relaxing with Sensation Experience

  • Remove all tireness and stress whole body more...


Promotion : 1,960 THB (From 3,290 THB)

Cleanse whole body with Mild and Natural Scrub to remove dirt and dead skin cells followed by Energized Warm Aroma Massage to boost power within.
Benefits : 

  • Refreshing, Recharging  and Reboosting

  • Skin looks brighter and activate body functions within more... 


Promotion : 2,590 THB (From 3,950THB)

Elite program for relaxation to melt all stress and tension away which is personalized by Individual Prominent Element ; Earth, Water, Wind or Fire, including Indian Head Hot Oil Massage to flush away stress and Hot Stone 4 Elements with Deep Tissue Unwinding.
Benefits : 

  • Profound Relaxing and Rebalancing Body & Mind

  • Activate holistic body function inside more... 

Youth Returning Recipe Preme Spa.JPG

Promotion : 2,890 THB (From 4,500 THB)

There is a way to turn back time to look younger and healthier within and without. "YRR Program" is well designed treatments with mild and natural ingredients using combined with special technique to return the youth to you and deep relaxing at the same time.
Benefits : 

  • Rejuvenating and Reviving Your Body

  • Activate whole body functions within and without more... 

Destress & Detox Preme Spa.JPG

Promotion : 2,990 THB (From 4,650 THB)

Aquatic Retreat helps removing toxic and melt all tension from our body through the power of mineral warm water circulation. And Body Scrub promotes natural exfoliation to remove dead cells on skin plus Hot Aroma Deep Relaxing Massage for fully relaxing and energizing.
Benefits : 

  • Thoroughly Body Cleansing and Draining Waste System

  • Activate whole body functions within and without more... 

**Advance Reservation Required**

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