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Destress & Detox Program (2.5 Hours) 

Aquatic Retreat helps removing toxic and melt all tension from our body through the power of mineral warm water circulation. And Body Scrub promotes natural exfoliation to remove dead cells on skin plus Hot Aroma Deep Relaxing Massage for fully relaxing and energizing.
Benefits : 

  • Thoroughly Body Cleansing and Draining Waste System

  • Activate whole body functions within and without 

  • Increase Blood Circulation and Toxic Expelling

  • Feel fresh and bright



Mineral Detox Aquatic Retreat
(30 minutes)

Aquatic Retreat is Great program to rinse off all stress and tensions. Warm Mineral Water increases blood circulation and activates immune system. Heat opens skin pore and remove dirt like Detoxing and also loosen tight muscle. Whirl Pool and Air Bubble Power delicately massage on whole body to release all tiredness and fatigue. Plus Aromatic Scent from Mineral Water relaxes mind and keeps calm for unwinding deeply. Moreover, it also soften the skin and promote healthy condition

Refreshing Body Scrub
(60 minutes)

Natural Body Scrub will remove all dead skin cells as a result of "exfoliation" and they moisturize at the same time. We use home made natural Body Scrubs. They are mild and gentle. They will help skin vibrant and youthful.

​​Warm Aromatic Deep Tissue
​with Firmed Technique
​(60 minutes)

Aromatic Massage is based on Western wisdom of body healing and relaxing. The primary goals is to relax the entire body combining with Deep Tissue Technique to unwind the tense. Moreover, Warm Aroma Massage with heated oil is great for unwinding the tension and stress on muscle. It improves circulation and flexibility while easing tightness beyond relaxation with peaceful state.

* This program is done by certified and professional therapists with well training only *

Period & Price




Destress & Detox
(2.5 Hours)

4,650 THB

2,990 THB

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