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Youth Returning Recipe (2.5 Hours) 

Day passes by we getting older. But there is a way to turn back time to look younger and healthier within and without. YRR Program" is well designed treatments with mild and natural ingredients using combined with special technique to return the youth to you and deep relaxing at the same time.
Benefits : 

  • Rejuvenate and Reviving holistically

  • Skin looks brighter and activate body functions within

  • Stress relief and deep relaxing

  • Waste draining circulation increase 



1. Reveal Your Beauty
​(Refreshing Natural Scrub)
[ 30 minutes ]

Rose Sugar Milky full body scrub to remove all dead skin cells. It softens and smoothens the skin. Rose Extract is the best anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredient which promote skin radiant and aglow. Natural Sugar is a gentle and fine scrub which perfectly get rid of all dirt and flaw on skin and becomes milk when bathing

2. Reviving Massage
​(Firm & Warm Aroma Massage)
[ 60 minutes ]

Warm Natural Aroma Oil reviving firmed massage activates the body function and all circulation. Active Ingredients are an excellent natural substance to promote healthy skin condition. The heat relaxes the muscle and makes pore open to absorb the oil plus with the massage technique to boost your energy and refresh plus the benefit of Aroma enhancing deep relaxation.

3. Revitalize Your Face
(Facial Treatment)
[ 60 minutes ]

Facial Treatment with many gentle steps starts from cleansing, scrub, lymph and lift massage, mask and moisturizing. All using ingredient is Organic to support your skin healthy. One of main ingredient brighten and shine your facial skin, which riches of Vitamin C to promote collagen and exfoliation combining with other natural ingredient makes this treatment flawless. 

* This program is done by certified and professional therapists with well training only *

Period & Price




Youth Returning Recipe
​(2.5 Hours)

4,500 THB

2,890 THB

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